Bread Slicer

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Bread Slicer allows you to cut any kind of bread into regular and even pieces. This device can easily cope with cutting very soft, fresh and crumbling bread.

High Quality: Our bread slicer is made of premium quality ABS resin, strong and durable. Non-toxic, non-odor.
Generous slicing surface accommodates any size bread loaf, toast, bagel, and sandwich (up to a max of 156mm x 120mm)
Can also be used to cut ham, cheese, and vegetables.
Simply place your loaf inside the guide for perfectly, slicing your bread safely and easily.
Crumb catcher steadies the unit and protects counters and tabletops.
Easy cleanup, simply dumps the crumbs from the crumb catcher and wipe down the crumb catcher and slicing guide.
Cutting Sizes: Allows to cut the bread into 4 different thickness: 1.0cm/1.5cm/2.0cm/2.5cm
Collapsible, easy to store and space-saving.
ABS slicing guides ensure uniform slices.

Product Name: Bread Slicer
Brand: Shun-Kang
Material: Food Grade Plastic
Size: See image above
Max. Size of the loaf that can be used: 156mm x 120mm
Weight: 235g
Color: Off-White

Package Includes
1 x Shun-Kang Bread Slicer


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