SWS Hi-Tech Ceramic Cartridge Water Purifier for Tap

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Clean water is a problem these days. Though a product of nature, meaning it is supposed to be delivered clean and pure everywhere. But this isn’t the case. Here, in order to get fresh and clean water, pure for impurities, you gotta try your luck or spend bucks to get hold of expensive water bottles. To me, this all doesn’t make sense. Why should I buy water when it is a free gift? Uh, anyways.

Today, we are giving a product which will fulfill all your needs of pure and environment-friendly water. SWS Water Purifier is the product and it is made to provide clean water for cooking, drinking and other water needs. It is such a great device which removes contaminants up to 99.9% making it highly pure. Not just this, it also removes dust and residual chlorine efficiently, bringing visible clearance. You can also use it repeatedly by brushing with the secondary pollution.

And it is very easy to install. Simply put it on the tap which is used the most. Inside there is a filter which is easy to change as well. It has a rotating tangential water inlet design and can’t be blocked easily. To bring more ease into your water needs, the water purifier is made from a natural environmental friendly material which is easy to use. Remove the aerator from your faucet and install the filter. For cleaning, unscrew and remove the cartridge and clean the filter. Filters up to 10,000 liters.

Environment-friendly Water Purifier
Removes Rust, Residual Chlorine, Blood Worm
Provides clean water for cooking, washing etc.
Filter and purify your water, give your family only the best and healthy water.
This faucet water filter can generate great purified water instantly and help you make the best tasting coffee and tea.
Switches between filtrated water and tap water flexibly using Nano-KDF technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria.
The ceramic filtering cartridge can be cleaned easily and used over again. You can see how much dirt it has removed for you.
If the water quality in your area is really bad, just clean the filter more often. Very environmental friendly. Wallet friendly too.
It also comes with 3 facet joints in order to fit different types of taps. Very easy to install. No special tool required.
This water faucet uses Tourmaline to filter water, tourmaline is a natural gemstone.


Item: SWS Hi-Tech Ceramic Cartridge Water Purifier
Output: 6L/min at 0.2Mpa.
Cartridge capacity: approx. 10,000 liters, depending on water quality.
Housing material: ABS plastic.
Cartridge material: Ceramic, nano-metal clusters media, and high-quality activated carbon
Water Inlet Diameter:14mm (approx.)
Water Outlet Diameter: 10mm, 15mm (approx.)
Dimensions: 10.1cm × 5.2cm × 10.5cm.
Color: White

Package Includes:
1 x Faucet water purifier with a ceramic cartridge filter
1 x Faucet joint (Diameter: 20.5mm) for male screw thread faucet
1 x Faucet joint (Diameter: 23mm) for female screw thread faucet
1 x Universal rubber faucet joint (Diameter: 16-25mm)


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